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  • 16:15, 7 set 2017 (dif | hist) . . (+5.820). . N How To Put On Bodysuits(Es crea la pàgina amb «Mr. de la Renta's clothes had been more delicate and feminine than usual, all bell-shaped skirts and lengthy, modest waists and floaty, A-line tops as an alternative t...».) (actual)
  • 16:15, 7 set 2017 (dif | hist) . . (+306). . N Usuari:GordonHefner33(Es crea la pàgina amb «I'm Gordon (30) from S-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. <br>I'm learning Russian literature at a local university and I'm just about to graduate.<br>I have a part time job ...».) (actual)